Sam, Autonomous Multi-sensory System

A new, digital solution for people living in institutions, who are suffering from anxiety, depression, severe neuro-cognitive disorders, or autistic spectrum disorders.

Quick to deploy system

Sam is a square-built structure, measuring 3.6m by 3.6m, and 2.5m high. The four surrounding walls of the device offer a 360° panoramic field of view. Once the order is validated, Sam can be set up in your establishment in a few days (depending on available stocks).


A positive experience for patients, families and carers

Depending on their state of health, the patients can be accompanied by a carer or family member if necessary. Sam sessions allow social reconnection, within a warm, friendly setting.

Sam allows you to provide your patients and your team with a positive experience, in familiar, soothing environments.

Very easy to use

Sam does not need any technical training; the system is started up with just one button. A user-friendly touch-screen interface lets you select environments or clinical protocols.

A summary of the session is provided at the end. The data gathered enables you to support your residents better in their everyday lives.


Everyday use

The environments change in real time with the patient and can be fully customised to suit your needs. A joystick allows interaction with the surroundings.

The recommended duration of a session is 15 minutes. But this can be modified to suit the user's needs.


Innovative technology, serving well-being and health

inMersiv Technologies offers a drug-free, therapeutic approach based on immersive technologies with no physical constraints.

Non-restrictive immersive technology

Our system is entirely suitable for people living in elderly care homes, specialist institutions or those suffering from anxiety and depression.

An open, realistic world

Our system has a non-stereoscopic imaging technology, designed to avoid any form of motion sickness.

Complete freedom

For a real sense of freedom and relaxation, there is no observer to inhibit the patient.

Multiple use

Sam can be used both to improve the quality of life of your patients, and to provide your staff with a moment of relaxation.

Simple to handle

Aware of current medical needs, inMersiv Technologies has developed a system which is easy to use, with no prior training.

The key word is simple

Sam needs no technical training to operate it.


Sam has a system for regular updating, to ensure its long-term ease of use. These updates include new content (environments, interaction, protocols).


An all-in-one, immersive platform

360° immersive images

A visual system, with the latest technology, offering a panoramic view.

Directional sound

An advanced, spatial effects sound system, linked to the visual environments.

Innovative air flow system

A ventilation device to increase the realistic effect of the environments, and strengthen the sense of immersion.

Realistic 3D environments

The environments are tailor-made and designed in real time for total immersion.

Secure database

The data relating to the sessions are stored locally in a secure server within your establishment.

Full usage reports

You have a simple, user-friendly interface for consulting the usage reports which Sam generates.

Social re-connection

Sam is a reassuring, pleasant space where patients and their loved ones can rediscover each other.

Stand-alone tool

Sam provides environments adapted to suit the patients, according to their preferences and emotional states.


Sam, a space devoted to well-being

Many people living in institutions suffer from disorders inherent in the changes to their daily life. Sam is aimed at institutions which are seeking ways to improve the quality of life of their patients, while allowing them to benefit from appropriate care.

Technology which helps combat anxiety

Sam, our technology providing immersion in realistic worlds, enables the user to experience special moments which help combat solitude and anxiety. The Positive Care approach is at the heart of our identity.

An innovative management tool for customised analysis

Sam’s management software automatically generates a digital medical profile for each patient. The constants for your patients recorded during the sessions can be consulted at the end. The data gathered are stored locally, to guarantee patient security.

Your patients’ well-being is at the heart of our concerns.

We have a mission

The Covid-19 lockdown period has increased the sense of isolation felt by people living in institutions.

Our product offers help with their well-being and a positive escape for reconnecting patients with their loved ones, as well as improving interaction within your establishment.